Taking Control of your IT ecosystem – Part 1 of 3


Its 9pm, I’m working away, and I’ve just received a text message with the following – “I know, it’s all just getting out of control”. It’s a pretty frightening statement really, especially in IT, when you have sat down, admitted Continue reading

Now bringing you CaaS – Confused-as-a-Service

Now bringing you CaaS – Confused-as-a-Service The past 12 months have seen an explosion of marketing Buzzwords, redefined technologies, and a bunch of Vendors endlessly dropping them into conversation like they are going out of fashion. Sometimes I am asked Continue reading

Veeam: End user case study, from an engineer’s perspective

Working in the financial sector, the company has around 200 onsite employees, projecting to expand up to 300 with a recruitment drive they are planning. After having a new VMware infrastructure implemented and upgrading their Microsoft Servers to the latest and Continue reading

Veeam: Good bye pricey agents, hello agent-less super software

Backups to me, used to make me shudder, I hated the thought of restoring anything other than a user’s documents area, and even that could be tricky. And then the world changed, no longer did I have physical servers that Continue reading