The Death of Windows 7!

windows7_grave_stoneBearing in mind the date, some may find this a bit of a horror story!! But don’t worry, it isn’t!

Today, Friday 31st October 2014, marks the end of the Windows 7 era, as Microsoft stop shipping licences for the operating system to PC builders, which means no more new PCs with Windows 7.

The only way people will be able to get a new PC with Windows 7 is by buying existing stock, or the other alternative would be to buy Windows 7 Professional, as this will continue to be sold as a stand alone product for a limited time.

For most people this really won’t mean a thing, as the vast majority of new machines are already shipping with Windows 8, with Windows 10 on the horizon.

All Windows products have a life cycle and knowing what these are can be helpful for businesses to plan ahead and make decisions on when to upgrade or change their software. Follow the link for a breakdown >>> Microsoft Windows Lifecycle Fact Sheet

If you need advice on upgrading or replacing your current Windows platform, talk to us  today 01282 418 888

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