Are your devices InTune with your IT policies?

BYOD started off as an excuse to buy an iPad for yourselves paid for by the company, I’m even writing this blog post on my iPad, now though BYOD has become a problem and not a solution for many workplaces and workspaces.

With the static workstations on everyone’s desk, it’s a challenge to keep everything in line with the company policies, such as users can only access these applications, must be patched to this security level. Introducing devices which users can move between offices and take home doesn’t bode well for the over worked under appreciated technician.

So let’s picture a world where your users emails are stored online, with a generous 50GB mailbox space, their own personal online storage area, as well as a shared company wide area, backed with the advantages of SharePoint

Office 365Did you know that Office 365 also includes the fantastic product that is InTune, and this can be part of your environment as well, enchanting your management of remote devices which rarely sit at a desk plugged into the company LAN.

InTune is the cloud based management system which allows you to enforce policies, provide AV and managed updates and track / wipe lost devices. What’s more, you can even link this seamlessly to your existing on site SCCM deployment, if you have one. If not, then it’s not required!!!

So why not leave the hassle behind, employ InTune and be safe in the knowledge that where ever your device is, it’s managed and protected.

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