Metronet (UK) and Lanway score with Burnley Football Club!

Metronet (UK), in partnership with Lanway, are now providing superfast Internet connectivity to Burnley Football Club.

Metronet-logoFollowing on from Metronet (UK)’s network expansion into Burnley and also Burnley FC’s promotion to the premier league this year, the club were in need of a faster connection at their stadium Turf Moor and also their training ground at Gawthorpe Hall. With the minimum speed requirement in the premier league being 40Mbps, Burnley FC needed to up their connection before the new season started, so turned to Lanway for help.

Metronet (UK) have been working with Burnley-based IT Solutions company Lanway for the past 3 years and have built a strong working relationship over this time. Due to the timescales Lanway knew that Metronet (UK) were the perfect choice in helping the football club to get their connection up and running in time for the new season.

Metronet (UK) has provided a 100Mbps wireless leased line to both the 22,000 seater main stadium and the training ground. This superfast connection means that both the operational side of the club and the press on match days have enough bandwidth to do exactly what they need. This connection also provides backup for the managed services, such as VOIP and virtual desktops, that Lanway provide to the club.

Layout 1Andrew Henderson, Managing Director at Lanway said, “It was fantastic to see our local football team promoted to the premier league and it is even better that along with our partners, Metronet (UK), we were able to help them prepare the club ready for the new season. We knew there was only one company for the job and Metronet (UK), once again, proved why they are the most advanced ISP in the country.”

For Metronet (UK), Burnley Football Club adds to the ever growing list of football stadiums and sports venues that they are providing connectivity for.

Andy Tatlock, Channel Manager at Metronet (UK) said, “It is great to be able to provide connectivity for Burnley Football Club; to help a team when they have made it through to the premier league is a honor. We have been working with Lanway for many years and really value their partnership and trust in us. We look forward to working with them for many years to come.”

This article was originally produced by Metronet (UK)

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